BLACK PUMA SHIRAZ - SPECIAL MIXED DOZEN (4 each of 3 new vintages)


Do you need to restock your Boardroom Cellar?  Maybe hold a seriously memorable Dinner Party?  We have just released three NEW VINTAGES of Black Puma Shiraz (2013, 2014 and 2015). 

You can own 12 bottles of this amazing wine for $595 instead of normal cellar door price $960.

The last ten vintages have received numerous awards for excellence; Puma 2013 has already achieved this status with a score of 95/100; the other two vintages are awaiting assessment but we confirm they're outstanding premium Pyrenees wines just like earlier vintages.

If you love the velvety smooth mouthfeel, the silky tannins and beautiful layers of flavours of Black Puma on your palate, you must take advantage of this offer and ORDER NOW!

"when areas such as the Pyrenees get their due, it is wines like Black Puma that will be seen as Victoria's Granges and  Hills of Grace. Ian Sutton,  Sept 2003


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